the network

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The Network

Hemmed in mountainous and twisty environment, rail network Corsica not electrified single track metric is characterized by a difficult operating: the rugged topography spares neither men nor equipment. Inheritance of ramps make it indispensable to climb a good drive train to maintain adequate and reasonable course of time speeds.

The center line connects Bastia in North Corsica in Ajaccio in South Corsica remote southern 158 km by rail.

It is part of a north-east / south-west and passes through Vizzavone and Corte.

A line of 74 km connects to Ponte-Leccia, and crosses the Balagne to reach Calvi by Ile Rousse.

The two lines serve 16 stations and 49 halts and have a total of 1,592 works of art including 59 viaducts and 57 tunnels. They are intended for the movement of passenger trains only.

In addition to that below 3 cards below downloadable provide an accurate representation of their route.


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